An anti-slavery raid on a factory in Greater Manchester has uncovered workers from Eastern Europe allegedly paid under £2 an hour, police have stated.

Police officers went to a factory in Rochdale with teams from the council, Home Office and customs.

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It's the season - and it's wall-to-wall appeals for money to help the underprivileged, the sick, the elderly, which - qualifying on all three counts - I loudly applaud.
I had just posted my, “memories of my country at Christmas”, article when I read Adam Walkers plea to, “protect our Christmas”.
Don't say Merry Christmas! Civil servants urged to put Season's Greetings in emails
East and North London BNP visited Romford, Essex on Saturday (13th) in what has become a Christmas tradition for the London Region.
Up to 80,000 students in Britain each year are denied places on nursing courses despite recent revelations that the NHS is hiring thousands from abroad.
Christmas shoppers in Newcastle received a welcome visit from BNP Chairman Adam Walker at the weekend, who was out in his region kick-starting the BNP campaign Protecting our Chris†mas.
With 240,000 plus Roma now enriching the British nation with their presence and many claiming welfare, local services in the areas that they have dumped themselves have been impacted with problems.
The British National Party in Lincolnshire some 30 months ago commenced a vigorous and energetic campaign to rid the seaside resort of Skegness of the curse of having an unwanted Halal slaughterhouse.

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