Patriots from the BNP do not have blood on their hands - Scottish BNP reply to left wing newspaper

Fellow BNP members and supporters across Great Britain will be appalled at a Labour supporting rage of a newspaper, the Sheffield Star, over an article on the paper from the Editor who publicly near accused of Patriots who have demonstrated in Rotherham and other areas of Yorkshire such as Sheffield, of having blood on their hands over the murder of an elderly non-ethnic British man.

Croydon & Sutton branch will be holding a demo outside Lunar house immigration centre on Saturday the 5th of September.
It is being torn to pieces by the progressive left engaged as they are in their Marxist dream of a socialist superstate.
This total hatred for British culture, especially white working class culture, is now no longer even thinly disguised
Last week the government finally announced the numbers of disabled and very sick people who have died after being booted off government assistance for disability or serious illness onto lower rates of help and died within two years.
The BBC once had the funding to create a truly outstanding media platform but instead it chose to become the official mouthpiece for every crackpot and rabid Left wing organisation that hates Britain and the British people.

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