Vicar of Iraq’s only Anglican Church warns the end appears “very near” for Iraqi Christians as he pleads for help to counter ISIS threat. Faced with an ultimatum from the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (Isis) forces to convert, pay a tax or be killed, Christians in the northern city of Mosul mostly fled last week. But Canon Andrew White — dubbed “the bishop of Baghdad” for his work at St George’s church in the capital, said they were trapped in the desert or on the streets with nowhere to go. “Things are so desperate, our people are disappearing,” he told BBC Radio 4’s. “We have had people massacred, their heads chopped off. Are we seeing the end of Christianity in Iraq?
A look at the BNP policy on the subject of Defence.
Feeling better financially not worrying about the next bill heading your way?
By London Press - The Unite Against Fascism magazine Unity, distributed by the NUTs (National Union of Teachers), is to be used 'with young people in schools'. Because of course, this is what public monies are for: brainwashing on a massive scale!
Teachers implicated in the 'Trojan Horse' Islamist takeover of schools have been allowed to keep their jobs in a deal made by new Education Secretary Nicky Morgan.
Just when we thought the gutter press could sink no lower they somehow manage it.
With Scottish voters facing a referendum on whether or not to break up Britain, the British National Party will be active in the campaign to preserve the Union from this attack by anti-British Marxists and EUrophiles.
More than 2,000 foreign families are now living rent-free, official figures show.
By Jean de Valette - In another act of grovelling abasement towards the third world, a statue of the anti -British Indian leader, Ghandi, is to be erected outside the Houses of Parliament.

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