By Robert the Brucie

In the week that David Cameron has been firmly put in his place by the outgoing EU President and the incoming one over renegotiating the flood of immigrants flowing non-stop into Britain, the EU has declared that they want Britain to give them an extra £8 billion.

Reverend Robert West is on ‘trial’ for giving a history lesson on the Crusades.
Scottish BNP, like other activists across Great Britain have been getting on with business and engaging with the public.
The Race Relations Bill dated February 1965 advised that the main purpose of the Race Relations Act 1965 was to help integrate ethnic minorities into the UK but without infringing upon our rights to freedom of speech and civil liberties.
More than one and a half million British pensioners are “floundering” on low incomes and consigned to poverty.
Thousands of illegal immigrants are escaping deportation from the UK because officials are failing to act on tips-offs from the public.
BNP activists were out and about in Croydon and Bexley recently spreading our patriotic message far and wide.
Parking charges were suspended in Southall on October 22 and 23 to celebrate Diwali.
A memorial for Lee Rigby will not feature the murdered soldier's name, it has been revealed.

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