Unions representing thousands of Co-operative Group workers have called for urgent reforms to bring stability back to an organisation in crisis.

The Co-op Bank is expected to confirm losses of at least £1.5 billion today following a disastrous takeover of Britannia group and attempted takeover of Lloyds.

Now I have a short follow up to the talk on Proud to be British and what it means.
Salmond is a good speaker but not so deft at answering questions. Yesterday he was in Dundee at a meeting of the Scottish Trades Union.
Greed, as we know, is wonderful according to the Conservative / Liberal Democrat coalition who promote it at every turn.
As a person who does not eat meat I find the whole question of halal slaughter very peculiar. At various times I have also looked after pigs, which is an animal I like very much.
The ferociously anti-British BBC continues its shameless promotion of Nigel Farage.
As usual the Western media, along with their neo-con masters, refuse to report the true story in Ukraine.
An inquiry has been launched into a suspected attempt by Islamists to take-over of some 25 schools in and around Birmingham.
The British National Party cares for our folk like Labour used to. We will defend our NHS from the Tories. Ordinary folk need and rely on the NHS.
10,000+ foreign criminal’s in British jails, yet only 17 EU prisoners sent home
For decades, at least since the end of the Second World War, the entire British media have been peddling lies on a scale that Goebbels, Nazi Germany's propaganda minister would have been proud of.
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