A look at the BNP policy on the subject of the Economy.

Michael Gove was unsurprisingly sacked as Education Secretary in Cameron's cabinet reshuffle, (Tuesday 15th July), as the PM tries to placate teachers with a view to ameliorating some of their concerns before the 2015 general election.
Not deterred from having the original camp bulldozed and being bussed some 50 miles south, the near all male Muslim illegal immigrants are returning in force to Calais, and in their determination to get to our land have already rebuilt their camp.
Muslim leaders in the UK have told Sky News the Government's legal stance on Britons fighting abroad could "increase the terror risk" to UK.
Fifteen years after first being elected to lead the British National Party, I stepped aside from the position on Saturday during a meeting of the Executive Council
How the SWP sides with rapists and paedophiles. Marxist hypocrisy exposed by Nick Griffin
Recently Appointed Deputy Chairman, Adam Walker, has accepted the role of Acting Chairman of the British National Party
A look at the BNP policy on the subject of Health and Benefits.
By Giuseppe De Santis - More anti-BNP journalists are going to lose their jobs at Trinity Mirror Nationalists will be surely delighted to hear that eight anti-BNP journalists are going to their jobs at Trinity Mirror!

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