By Dr Phil Edwards

There’s something distinctly creepy and disturbing about the home web page of The Guardian newspaper – replete with stories and photographs of convicted criminals - for example Chris Huhne, the former Lib Dem MP jailed in 2013 for perverting the course of justice, now writes a regular weekly Guardian column.

The BNP’s very own Reverend West is now in the crosshairs of the rotten political Establishment for daring to criticise Islam during his lecture on the Crusades to A-level students
David Cameron is in a desperate bid to save the ex Tory Westminster Parliament seat of Rochester in the upcoming by-election to be held due to the defection of his party MP to UKIP.
Don't miss the BNP Annual Conference to be held in Blackpool on the weekend of the 29th and 30th of November 2014.
Hairy birdwatcher Mr Oddie asserted that working British families are having too many children and that the Government should introduce a quota of a single child per family.
Two pieces of news came to my attention this week. One relates to a human rights lawyer in Iraq and one relates to the UK Students Union.
A look at the BNP policy brief on the subject of Putting Britons First.

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