Part 1 of a Review of “Mayday! Mayday!”

By Peter Goodchild

The sooner we are free from the unelected, unaccountable, second-rate politicians and tyrants like Juncker the better.
Just a quick reminder: The MP's of the mostly Tory led Government even as it was back then voted to a change in the law with regard to the dumping of nuclear and radio active waste.
A British haulage company has pulled out of delivering to mainland Europe because the risk of massive fines that the Tories insist on handing out to haulage companies if illegal immigrants are found in their lorries.
The Tories are about to make fresh cuts to local services of £3.3 billion according to local government chiefs.
Anyone who thinks the BBC’s coverage of the invasion from the Med has been unbiased needs their head examined.
We are pleased to announce long standing nationalist Tess Culnane has been appointed Branch Secretary for Bromley & Lewisham BNP.
Installing fear into our own people is truly tragic.
Maybe Cameron can learn a thing or two from this.
Democracy in action with a government prepared to ask the people and act accordingly. An example to us all.

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