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A look at the BNP policy on the subject of the Banking System and Rebuilding Britain
In a recent edition of the BBC’s Sunday Politics programme, Yorkshire’s UKIP MEP Jane Collins condemned Rotherham Labour’s MPs and councillors for covering-up and blocking investigations into the mass rapes of vulnerable working class English schoolgirls
Intrepid and fearless BNP leader Adam Walker interviews taxi drivers in Lancashire following revelations that several taxi firms have offered white taxi drivers to customers concerned about their safety.
Fat and fatuous and prominent pointless-tart, Emily Thornberry was kind enough to demonstrate the peculiar anti-British (and, more specifically, anti-ENGLISH) philosophies that permeate the Former Labour Party.
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Chairman Adam Walker gives an inspiring speech, enthusing members in the South East with his common sense ideas and approach to community grass roots politics.
Britain is suffering from an illness and disgusting crime that many of us thought or rather believed belonged to Third World nations and in our history book and not actual reality.

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