By the Eastern Region

The 7th May election for the District Council ward’s of Heybridge East and Heybridge West was always going to be a difficult fight.  

Eric Pickles, love him or hate him has just been awarded the title of Sir. Nothing like scratching the backs of your mates is there Mr Cameron.
Not widely reported on by our media in Britain were the congratulations that David Cameron received from the Muslim Council of Britain for his winning the election.
Noted London activists Paul Borg and Christine Winter were in attendance at the Lee Rigby Memorial held in Woolwich, South East London on Friday (22nd May) to mark the second anniversary of his death.
Rumours have been rife within the BNP over the last few weeks concerning the exact amount of money Eastern Organiser Richard Perry bet on Labour's non-show in the general election.
The case of the banning for life of the Reverend Robert West from teaching raises several questions about the conduct of teaching in this country

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