By Dr Phil Edwards

The Guardian newspaper loses around £100,000 a day yet somehow it keeps on going as a voice for middle class lefties, school teachers, social workers and media folk, though unpopular with most other readers.

The threat level in Britain from terrorism has been raised to ‘Level 4 – Severe’ for the first time in years. The final level is ‘Critical – Imminent Attack’.
In the United Kingdom the total area of agricultural holdings is about 17,100,000 hectares (43 million acres) plus a further 1.942,000 hectares (4,800,000 acres) of rough grazing.
Way back at the beginning of July 2011 Shropshire BNP's long and ongoing campaign against the sexual exploitation of young white girls in Wellington by local Muslim gangs saw Party activists march on Malinsgate police station in an all-or-nothing attempt
Short snippet from today's day of action - BNP against paedophile grooming gangs.
The last Labour government deliberately encouraged mass immigration from Muslim countries to change Britain's demographic and boost Labour's vote.
The British National Party’s Veterans Officer, Pete Molloy, achieved a respectable 16% share of the vote in the Spennymoor ward by-election on Thursday, 28th August, 2014.

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