The excessive welfare available for decades, has led to an absurd sense of entitlement.

Theresa May’s speech could have been written by any Nationalist, like them she knows what she said cannot be acted upon until we leave the EU.
Germany now predicts it could be 1.5 million immigrants this year. This high number of asylum seekers runs the risk of becoming an extreme burden for the states and municipalities.
I can't believe we have politicians that want to give away their power to a bunch of unelected foreigners. Most of them crave it for themselves!
This year’s BNP Annual Conference will take place over the weekend of November 21st and 22nd in Lancashire.
It is going to be a defining decade for the UK, but for very different the reasons than those given by our Cameron.
Why are not allowed to indulge our preferred opinions on matters that are of huge concern to us?
One wonders if eventually disabled Britons will be made to wear a green star, not a yellow star, identifying them as a public nuisance, drain on resources and a bunch of spongers?
Jeremy Hunt, fails to spot the irony in declaring that dignity is also about how money is earned.

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