By Frustrated

In Part Seven I referred to Labour insider Andrew Neather's 23rd of October 2009 Evening Standard article in which he carelessly exposed the last Labour government engineered mass immigration to create a melting pot society.

Well, yes would be the answer if three Romanian children had their way recently.
Not for the first time in the past 12 months have the Tories looked at using an idea that the BNP has suggested for a while.
Islamism is the greatest fascist threat we have faced in Britain since World War 2.
By now the public must be thoroughly fed up with the general election campaign by the big two parties. It's been going since January 1st and signs of voter fatigue is starting to show.
Theresa May, it appears has made a Conservative Manifesto pledge to implement “new incentives and penalties” to get immigrants learning English if they are re-elected.

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