By Ironfighter

At the present time you can’t open a newspaper, online or in print, without reading about the anniversary of Winston Churchill’s funeral.

The British National Party are campaigning to keep Labour PPC for Gainsborough David Prescott out of Parliament.
Yet again, victims of Muslim racist sexual abuse gangs have spoken out concerning the lack of action concerning the Muslim gangs perpetrating such crimes.
English children in Blackburn are being taught Arabic as a second language due to claims that there is a demand for the language.
A sinister new tactic being rolled out by Labour as it uses what appears to be a 12-year-old schoolboy crudely programmed to parrot its pro-immigration extremism
It must be difficult being ‘Green’.
Recently, a positive step was made in South Gloucester after BNP activist and Parliamentary Candidate for Kingswood Ward, Julie Lake called a public meeting with local police and local Councillors after residents were blighted by Anti-Social-Behaviour in
Had a couple of French media outlets asking whether or not Manchester was a Muslim city off the back of the story (below) concerning the guy suspended from work.
It's the old 'Islam the victim' routine as far as the Turkish Prime Minister is concerned when it comes to possible EU membership.
The Lincolnshire Coastal Branch are holding the first of several Campaign Days on the Lincolnshire Coast in the Parliamentary Constituency Of Boston & Skegness during the forthcoming week.

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