By BNP Chairman Adam Walker

The long-awaited Parliamentary report into Lee Rigby’s murder by Muslim extremists has finally been published by the Intelligence and Security Committee.  

Party Chairman Adam Walker visited the constituency of Boston & Skegness in late October in preparation for the well trailed announcement that Mr Cash for Questions Neil Hamilton would be selected as the Prospective Parliamentary Candidate for UKIP for t
It is with amazement that we learn that Muslim radical preacher Anjem Choudary, will be allowed to preach in public to protect his religious freedom even though he is on police bail, a judge has ruled.
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It is because the BBC is an anti-British propaganda machine. And it is in high gear tonight.
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As the Season of Goodwill approaches, we should break down the barriers between ordinary, decent members of society and Muslims by wishing them a very Merry Christmas and sharing our bacon sandwiches.
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I used to like suggesting prominent plonkers for the acclaimed 'Ar*e of the Week' Award - but the number of nominations got to such a point that it was taking over a week to evaluate them;
How appropriate are recent revelations that the Palace of Westminster (better known as the Houses of Parliament) are falling down, crumbling away and needing £3bn of public money for restoration.

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