By Richard Cley - London Correspondent-Spring has well and truly sprung here in London.

Following a riverside walk from Wandsworth down stream to Pimlico, it is clear the blossom, lavishly adorning all trees this year, is just about to end as the trees burst in to leaf. Even the ash trees, traditionally reluctant to acknowledge the end of winter, are adorned with green.

The Brussels-imposed puppet government of Italy moved on Wednesday to deny Italy’s increasingly angry voters the right to choose a party which would end the crucifixion of their country and people by banksters’ debt and EU austerity.
On May 22nd this year people up and down our country will have the opportunity to stick two fingers up to the Political Class and VOTE British National Party.
This is the most important appeal in our history. NOW is the time! The May 22nd European Election is the opportunity for us to ROCK the political establishment AGAIN.
Parisian police call for removal of Roma from tourist areas
Casting around at the news: Ukraine lunatic government of total freaks attack own people with tanks and aircraft; Italian police stop registration of political party New Force for EU elections...
All British National Party Members and guests are invited to spend an evening with our Chairman Mr Nick Griffin MEP
Are you an official BNP Online Activist yet? As a BNP Online Activists you will have a very exciting and important role in the future of the British National Party...If you are on social networks, have you signed up yet?
One million food parcels to Brits - whilst foreign aid increases big time
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