By Christopher Houston

UKIP has lost its mojo. Only ever firing shots at the EU, has lost its pulling power now. Like an engine driven muck-spreader it called people racists who honestly wished an end to all immigration. And for all that dirty criticism, its leading members still did not get to be Lords and Ladies as they demanded.

"Hatred directed against any community, race or religion has no place whatsoever in our diverse society and it needs to be kicked to the kerb.”
Northern French fishing fleets fear losing “historical” fishing grounds in British coastal waters. All due to our leaving the EU!
Germany next to fall into a state of emergency?
Ali Somboli, the Munich shooter, is said to have been a permanent and legal resident in Germany.
Europol, has confirmed the claim by the BNP that terrorism will vastly increase as a result of the politicians’ insane immigration policy.
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