By Frustrated

In Part 5 I lamented Labourites success in replacing Britain’s conservative moral values with Cultural Marxism in the subversive style advocated by the Frankfurt School.

We all agree that children and young people should be protected from harm. I guess that should also cover all age groups in the British Isles in reality.
Given the news from the 2011 Census that 8,750,000 Asians now live in Britain it will not be too long before Cameron gets his wish
The naming and shaming of minimum wage cheats in 2014 is likely to be just the tip of the iceberg as the Department for Business, Innovation and Skills redoubles its efforts to punish offenders
Not many of us would. Especially to a country that has the police watching out for breaks of Islamic dress code.
A huge BNP victory in halting plans for the opening of another mosque, this time in New Addington.

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