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Cameron’s betrayal of Britain begins, the issues surrounding our relationship with the EU are not just about the economy, they are about nation state sovereignty.
It’s taken the UK thousands of years to be what it is today and rocking up with nothing and expecting to be part of it isn’t on.
The Ministry of Information is working overtime to try and convince the masses that the UK is heading for the sunny uplands and ‘we never had it so good’.
On behalf of the British National Party’s North West membership and our esteemed regional organiser, Gary Tumulty, I’d like to congratulate Adam Walker on his victory at the leadership election.
Six active members of the London BNP were in Elm Park, Romford on Saturday (25th July).
Asylum seekers demanding better food and accommodation joined a far-left apologist’s organised demo in the Vienna suburb of Traiskirchen.
Ferry services between Dover and Calais have been suspended yet again as up to 10,000 migrants attempting to sneak into Britain have closed down the French port.
Foodbanks are facing a growing crisis if they are to be able to cope with the rising numbers of Brits applying to a Foodbank for help.
It seems that Poland one of the EU`s model nations is starting to revolt.

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