Police in Rotherham dismissed child abuse victims as 'lovesick teenagers' and 'silly girls', shocking new evidence has come to light.

Council officials from the South Yorkshire town were forced to resign earlier this year after a shocking report found at least 1,400 children were abused over a 16 year period.

Our team in Bexley is stepping up the BNP campaign to provide the basic essentials for hard-pressed locals.
Ann Coffey, Labour MP for Stockport, has been passed the poisoned chalice of the child sex grooming gangs involving predominately, but not exclusively, young, indigenous British school girls as victims and Muslims from South Asia as their perpetrators.
The news of the £1.7 billion EU ‘fine’ imposed on the UK due to the Con/Lib government's fantasy economic growth figures is simple proof that “as you sow, so shall you reap”.
Tuesday’s performance by the Mayor of Calais Natacha Bouchart who came to Westminster to give evidence to a Commons Committee concerning the mess in Calais, left us shaking our heads in dismay.
Reverend Robert West is on ‘trial’ for giving a history lesson on the Crusades.
The media spoke of this, but not of the full horror. I fully sympathise – there are times when I really don’t want to be reminded that - genetically at least, I am assured – the perpetrators of such horrors belong to a species not entirely dissimilar to o
50,000 in Britain illegally are missing, we'll never control our borders.
Sunday 9th of November at 11am is Remembrance Sunday, please advise all local members to attend their cenotaph to lay respect for the fallen.
I don't think the left have quite yet twigged that the immigration genie is now well and truly out of the bottle.

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