A paedophile who streamed and directed live child abuse from the Philippines over the internet has walked free from court. Thishan Liyanage, 36, paid as little as $15 to watch adults rape and abuse local Filipino children live on his webcam. The married father-of-one would then begin online negotiations and direct how he would like the child abused, typing requests that the adult would perform. Southwark Crown Court heard that victims were sometimes even abused by their own parents, who would take online fees over PayPal. It appears this PAEDOPHILE who orchestrated the sex abuse of a young girl on the net was allowed to walk free by a judge — to help care for his baby.
Don´t let this happen to your child! These unfortunate British children were forced by their school to visit a mosque and dress up as Muslims under the guise of ´religious education´. No-one has to stand for this wicked indoctrination.
Recent reports on the upcoming Scottish independence vote tell us of offers to give the Scots more powers if they stay, (devolution), and also, that many Scots believe they can indeed receive benefits and preferential treatment by voting “No”.
The 60 Second Interview is a feature taken from the official BNP newspaper Voice of Freedom.
Tony Blair – Peace Envoy! Sounds a joke, right? But that’s the position he’s held for seven years today.
By Paul Borg - In September 2012, East London BNP was informed of a disused newsagent in Rainham Road, Dagenham, acting as a makeshift Mosque with plans for the premises to be converted for eventual use as a fully functional Mosque.
The Royal Bank of Scotland has announced that 63 jobs from its Business Banking Support Unit in Brighton would be offshored to the bank’s operations in India at the expense of the local economy.
By Richard Creasy - He was born in 1967 to a Welling market trader and educated in state schools before enrolling, as a teenager, to study medicine at the University of Southampton.

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