Asylum seekers demanding better food and accommodation joined a far-left apologist’s organised demo in the Vienna suburb of Traiskirchen.  

Ferry services between Dover and Calais have been suspended yet again as up to 10,000 migrants attempting to sneak into Britain have closed down the French port.
Foodbanks are facing a growing crisis if they are to be able to cope with the rising numbers of Brits applying to a Foodbank for help.
It seems that Poland one of the EU`s model nations is starting to revolt.
The results are in! The British National Party has a duly elected leader giving us four years of rock-solid internal stability and strength.
David Cameron’s speech earlier this week revealed a sinister new government agenda; under the guise of fighting extremism, any alternative view will be treated as a criminal offence.
While doing their job upholding British law, police are terrorised by gangs of Pakistani Muslims on Manchester Road in the Islamist colony of Nelson, Lancashire.
With Europe being deliberately flooded with North African and Middle Eastern Muslims thanks to the EU's invitation of 'we have no borders - come and conquer us' policy, one nation shakes its head with disbelief at the mess.

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