By Simon Darby

The Labour Party owned Mirror group breaks with tradition and gives us a headline straight out of the Voice of Freedom.

In keeping with their policy of appeasement you might have thought that a call for the lowering of the age of consent legislation for certain ethnic groups might have been more in keeping.

This article was first written after the publication of the report on the sex grooming gangs in Rochdale. Now we have Rotherham. Nothing has changed except the name of the town.
1400 underage (white?) girls abused, drugged and raped in Rotherham over 16 years yet the authorities, social services and the police did nothing for fear of breaching the doctrine of Political Correctness
Bryn Morgan, Bolton BNP activist, gives a forthright speech to an intrigued room of members in Blackpool.
From Wikipedia - Rotherham is internationally infamous for its collection of shanties, brothels, and karaoke bars that exploit young English women, and children as young as five.
How ironic that the BBC news is bitterly criticising the social services in Rotherham for failing to protect 1400 child victims of rape, torture and sexual abuse.
As the full horror of the paedophile Muslim grooming gangs in Rotherham begins to come to light we look back on the work that Marlene Guest and BNP activists did to expose the sick phenomenon and protect our young girls
Where do the Tories get their money from? Who pays for all those fancy advertising campaigns? Well, they certainly don't want you to know!

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